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Room Spray & Candles Set

Room Spray & Candles Set

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Discover timeless elegance with our classic fragrance set featuring room & linen spray and container candles that crafted with premium soy wax. Elevate your lifestyle with an array of captivating scents. Perfect for creating an inviting ambiance in any space.

Room & Linen Spray 50ml e 1.6 fl.oz
Scented Candle 100ml e 3.4 fl.oz (Approx. burn time: 20 hours)

Woody Oriental Tone - Brick Lane No.9388
Blending cinnamon, sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk into a warm embrace.

Sweet Citrus Tone - Sunset No.6019
As the sunset painted the sky, the osmanthus fragrance mingled with a sweet citrus tone, underlined by hints of fir.

Amber Herbal Tone - Dream Garden No.1464
Fragrant mint intertwines with amber scents, while whispers of dark musk linger in the air.

Classic Woody Tone - Touch Wood No.7175
Scents with eucalyptus and sandalwood, touch wood for luck amidst sage and amber's embrace.

Healing Ocean Tone - IKB Ocean No.1960
The healing scent of white musk mingled with the salty ocean breeze, as bluebells danced alongside ripe persimmons under the azure sky.

Queenly Floral Tone - Ylang Ylang No.2022
Infused with ylang-ylang and chamomile, embraced a hint of vetiver, evoking a serene garden at dusk.

Fruity Berry Tone - Midsummer Night No.1595
Under a Midsummer Night's sky, the scent of fruity berries intertwined with geranium, cassis, and roselle filled the air.

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