Collection: M.O.O.D-W.O.O.D Collection

Kendama Wood-Ball Jewellery

M.O.O.D-W.O.O.D is an extended series of “Memento in Motion” from a designer collection.

The reflection of W is M, it will be “MOOD” when it refracted “WOOD” symmetrically. M for metal, and represents emotion for mood at the same time. Therefore, this collection is called M.O.O.D-W.O.O.D. The name not only includes the materials used in jewellery but also represents different moods for each designed product. It is a set of jewellery series with stories.

Inspired by the Japanese traditional game “Kendama" (cup-and-ball) and combined with the sound that is associated with Newton’s Cradle. Thus, the jewellery will obtain the sound when they touch together in the movement. This is also the characteristic of this collection.