Care and Maintenance (Jewellery)

Please read the following care and maintenance guidelines:

  • Sweat, dust, moisture, perfume, cosmetics etc. may cause jewellery discolouration, please avoid contact with jewellery.

  • Moisture will make metal jewellery and wooden balls lose their lustre, so do not wear them when exercising, swimming, showering, bathing or sleeping.

  • When wearing jewellery, please be careful not to pull it, so as not to break due to buckling and deformation under pressure.

  • Do not place the jewellery close to heat, extreme temperature, humidity and sunlight. The jewellery may not be able to withstand the pressure of cold contraction and thermal expansion, and deform. The wooden balls also may be cracked.

  • If you want to clean the jewellery, please wipe it gently with a dry soft cloth without moisture. Do not use paper towels or cloths containing water or alcohol to avoid damage to the jewellery.