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Festive Mooncake Incense & Holder (Black-Touch Wood No.7175)

Festive Mooncake Incense & Holder (Black-Touch Wood No.7175)

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The grey mooncake incense holder set has the most fall scent of the Mid-Autumn edition, simplifying the shape of fall leaves and showing on the mooncake incense holder, matching with sage incense sticks. In addition, made with eucalyptus and sandalwood, it is an entirely woody scent of the set.

Grey Mooncake Incense Holder
Size: D45mm x W45mm x 10mm

Black Incense (Touch Wood No.7175)
Approx. burn time: 50 minutes
10 sticks per tube
Scents: sage / eucalyptus leaves / sandalwood / oak tree / amber / benzoin
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