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Festive Mooncake Incense & Holder (Double Colour Set)

Festive Mooncake Incense & Holder (Double Colour Set)

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Based on the concept of rock texture combined with mooncakes, a traditional and novel incense holder is created, plus the handmade incense sticks with our studio's exclusive formula, this Mid-Autumn Festival set product is the best choice for you or as a gift, to increase a festive atmosphere.

4 Options Available:
1. Brown Mooncake Incense Holder + Burgundy Incense (Brick Lane No.9388)
2. Champagne Mooncake Incense Holder + Orange Incense (Sunset No.6019)
3. Green Mooncake Incense Holder + Green Incense (Dream Garden No.1464)
4. Grey Mooncake Incense Holder + Black Incense (Touch Wood No.7175)
Incense Holder
Size: D45mm x W45mm x 10mm
Approx. burn time: 50 minutes
10 sticks per tube
Brick Lane No.9388 - cinnamon / sandalwood / cedarwood
Sunset No.6019 - osmanthus / jasmine / fir
Dream Garden No.1464 - mint / benzoin / amber
Touch Wood No.7175 - sage / eucalyptus leaves / sandalwood
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